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Japanese Mead to Your Home Country

Japanese Craftsmanship Mead

We bring the craftsmanship mead to mead fans around the world.


Japanese Mead to the World

There are not many companies in Japan that import and export mead as a commodity. However, we, JIC Trade Co, Ltd., have been fascinated by its rich nutrition and scarcity value in mead. We are also the manufacturer and distributor of Akkuray® Honey using imported Uzbekistan honey since 2019. Akkuray® Honey is completely unheated, completely additive-free. Not only our product, but also we would like to introduce Japan's unique meads made with Japanese sake yeast, fruits and Cherry blossom sepals.


Mead with

Vanilla ice cream, Yogurt, Ginger and Cinnamon, Milk, Soda, Hot Chocolate


About JIC Trade Co. Ltd.

We actively support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their efforts to expand overseas. Expansion into overseas markets not only creates new business opportunities, but also improves competitiveness in the domestic market and diversifies risks.


However, there are many hurdles for SMEs to expand overseas due to various challenges such as different cultures, languages, laws, and regulations.


Therefore, we provide overall support to SMEs considering overseas expansion, including market research, research on local laws and regulations, business plan development, assistance in establishing a local legal entity, building a sales network, developing marketing strategies, and assistance in hiring local personnel. In collaboration with experts in Japan and local specialists, we will address various issues promptly and appropriately to contribute to the success of SMEs in expanding their business overseas.

JIC Trade Co.Ltd.


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