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Uzbek Honey


Uzbek Honey has been in the beekeeping business in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for over 20 years since 1972, then expanded to Bashkiria and Orenberg regions of Russia, and changed its name in 2017, which is now Uzbek Honey's management since the beginning of the 2000s, including the Tashkent City Beekeeping Industry Association and has been a representative of the Association of Beekeeping Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Every year, the company exhibits its products at national exhibitions in Uzbekistan and exports its honey and honey products to other countries, working diligently to develop markets for its products.


Uzbek Honey has strict quality control and is approved annually by the government as a honey producer. The honey produced is tested and analyzed at the Uzbekistan Center for Food Hygiene and Analysis of Animal Diseases.


Manufacturing Process

1. bees collect nectar and bring it back to the hive

2. let it mature naturally in the hive cell

3. The honey is collected in a centrifuge.

The honey is passed through a honey filter to remove impurities.

5. Filter again

6. Packing into containers

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