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Central Asia is a blind spot on the world map. Beyond the vast Chinese continent, there is a region where rough stones with unknown potential lie hidden.


In April 2021, we, JIC Trade Corporation, became independent from JIC Holdings, Inc. to specialize in import/export business with Central Asian countries.


In particular, Uzbekistan, one of the Central Asian countries, is deepening its friendship with us day by day, as its capital Tashkent signed a partner city agreement with Nagoya City, where we are located, in December 2019. Uzbekistan is also known as a pro-Japan country, with moral and social values close to those of us Japanese, making it a suitable trading partner for Japan.


The countries of Central Asia are expected to experience steady economic growth, and JIC Trade Co., Ltd. will do its utmost to build mutual understanding and friendly relations between local and Japanese companies through real-time information gathering and positive communication, and support both parties in their overseas expansion.


We are committed to supporting both parties in their efforts to expand their business activities overseas. We hope to develop our business together with you.


Representative Director

Ai Hattori

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